Digital zombies want to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Try to catch all balls in this Christmas`s edition game. More levels and possibility to save your progress.Puzzle type game for our little ones. Designed to improve children`s coordination and visual orientation. Also fun time waster with eye candy forms and calm music.Can you notice lost things? Can you find items in shortest time? Test yourself and your eye! Help us to find little lost square.Are you fast and clever? Try to find a words! Many levels and much more words that never repeats. Try out this new crossword game by Digital Zombies and good luck! Evil balloons have invaded bee`s hive. Can you help them count the balloons? Leave the number of balloons that answer the subtraction problem. Good luck my friends!Great game for children to improve counting abilities and observation skills. Count how many fish are in the aquarium and click on the number with right answer. Watch out for the octopus!
We are company of creative and innovative people who love to create and develop games. Digital Zombies company focus on internet flash/html5 and mobile games. We aim to become fast growing company in the game developing field. Digital Zombies looking for a new challenges and opportunities maybe you can be the one who gives us one.
Develop flash game according to client`s request or help them establish idea
Develop educational application for children, children with special needs and elderly people
Our talented designers can create game design for you
Develop mini internet games
Everything started then we two starting members of our company meet during studies years in University of Technology where they studied Information Technology. The team noticed advert about game developers contest where took part and won 4-th place.  That inspired team to work further, expand and bring more new games.
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