development of MMO game “Mano kelias 2”

MMO game “Mano kelias 2” is based on the same game framework as “Renkuosi Aš”  .OpenSpace engine and SmartfoxServer technology used too.


Character customization and inventory.

player customization and inventory.

Message system.

You can write private messages to online/offline players

Message inbox.


Game map. You can travel instantly by clicking any part of town.

Game map. With mouse over you can see names of each town part.


This game purpose is to collect and defines positive characteristics of each player, so you can see all statistics in your profile. Players complete tests in game.


Player statistics is defined by tests and decisions , players made during quests.


Mission list: active, completed and help.

Mission list.

Local chat system. Players can send private message (whisper) for online players too.

Local chat. Whisper function also available.



Mission window with options.

Each player has its own room (players can visit other players rooms too) , which can be edited.

Private room. You can drag your items from inventory and place it.


Friend system is also implemented. Small indicators show when friend is online. By clicking on the friends avatar,  you can send private message or gift, visit his home or remove from the list.


Hairdresser. You can buy new hair/beard styles


Work in game to earn money. You can choose where you want to work and then you have to visit your workplace in specific time intervals to get your salary.

  There was implemented also minigames in the game: TicTacToe (2 player game),  Draw and Guess (group game), Kazino games (roulete and slot machine), Fishing Game, Memory match game, Crossword game (team game, find word in time).


Game design author: Simc

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