development of MMO game “Renkuosi Aš”

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For isometric engine was used OpenSpace engine and editor. SmartFoxServer technology used to create interactive and MMO world.


Game Map. Player can select any place and be teleported instantly.


Players are fully customizable. You can send items as gifts to other players also.

Player inventory.


Mission list. There are three categories: active, completed and help.

Mission list.


Each game room has its own chat room. You can write private chat messages or private mail messages.

Chat system.


In game shops. There are different types : general shop, item shop, cloth shop, food shop.

Item shop.

Warning , new mission window.

Tutorial window.


Each player has its own room, which can be customized – you can buy items at the shop and place them in the room. Implemented using OpenSpace Runtime map editing feature.

Items can be dragged into player's room and placed.


Minigames in the game. There are few minigames players can start playing by going into certain map or places: casino game, fishing game, computer tests.

Game design author: Mindaugas Večkys

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