Team intro

Working and following world news everyday

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Our vision

Services provided by Us

No services, just understanding and advices what you need to be successful.

HTML5 games

We sketch, choose best aproach and implement HTML5 games.

UX/UI for web apps

We design, test and prepare UX/UI solutions for our projects.

Unity games

Unity is best for fast growing games and applications. This is one of the best options for us to implement our visions.

Audio/Video applications

Using our knowledge, experience and tools we develop audio and video applications and tools, visual and audio effects.

Best for social life

We reinvent , improve and use unique approaches to use social sites so could we test, experiment and improve new ways of how users will be merged with our tools in their social life.

Expand and support

Our solutions are flexible and targeted to expansion, growth of our own projects.

Improvise and create

Every project we develop is fresh and reinvented, we do not stop using old solutions , we always try new things and choose best options.

Always online

We live and perish online all the time. New technologies and approaches are what we use to share, grow and adopt.

Special Aproach

We do not create projects for other clients , we make products as we want and publish when we are ready.